Interested in hearing what others have to say about their experience with Ashley? Check out the testimonials below! 

Ashley is honestly the best life coach that I could’ve asked for! During our sessions she always comes from a place of understanding and is nonjudgmental when it comes to sensitive personal matters. She always encourages me to speak my mind and offers suggestions on how to approach situations better instead of criticizing me. She always has a plan and helps you see the steps you need take to be able to realize your goals. I see her less as a life coach and more as a REALLY responsible friend that wants to see you succeed.

-Michael H.

I cannot say enough about Ashley! No matter where we meet at, she makes it instantly warm and inviting. Opening up is hard, but she makes talking to someone effortless. She is present in every moment, and prides herself on being authentic — not only to herself but to others. 


Best of all, Ashley works with her clients to provide them with the tools necessary to deal with their problems, so that they’re better prepared to tackle them in the future. Although I know I still have a ways to go, I feel so much happier, calmer and more confident. As Ashley says “I glow!”

-Belinda D.

Ashley is awesome! She is an amazing, caring, thought-provoking coach who has helped and encouraged me through the toughest year of my life. Having her to talk to, share with, listen to, and grow with has made my journey immensely better.

 She's open-minded and really all about helping me to be my best self. We meet in the park, because nature is where I feel most comfortable- Who does that?! I would completely recommend her to anyone (and I have)!

-Alexandria T.

What can I say, Ashley is THE voice of encouragement!  And that voice of encouragement is what I needed in a life coach.  Ashley is brilliant, caring, understanding, patient and very supportive of all her clients.  Those qualities enable Ashley to help her clients, especially me, realize their truths.  I highly recommend connecting with Ashley just to talk. You will not regret setting up your meeting. 

-LaMeacha Oh

I'm so glad I found Ashley as a life coach during my transition into post-grad life. I felt simultaneously excited for all the new possibilities that this stage of life could bring, but also quite overwhelmed and lost. 

Ashley has been wonderful at really listening to all my varying and scattered thoughts. She is fantastic at helping me put together the pieces of the puzzle to see the whole picture in a new light, as well as encouraging me to be confident and actually do the things I want to do. Since seeing her I have felt more empowered to take control of my life direction, more understanding of myself and what I want and need, and more accountable for taking tangible steps that move me in the right direction. Not to mention, Ashley is extremely friendly and a genuinely fun person to meet with once a month!

-Sarah B.

Ashley Staples has completely transformed our marriage before it even started! 

We came to her just a month prior to our wedding date as a last ditch effort to see if we were ready for the next step. She offered us weekly marriage counseling  that was beautifully structured along with homework, where we were able to unpack layers of ourselves and have guidance as to how my husband and I "tick." She listened attentively, remained neutral, and allowed us to trust her when she said what needed to be said. 

What makes Ashley stand apart from any other life coach is that she has a strong foundation in the Lord and is able to relay her encouragement to us with the Word if needed. She breaks things down in a way that is loving, supporting, sometimes funny, and easy to swallow. Schedule wise, she is extremely flexible and punctual! Ashley is amazing, her sessions are affordable and you will not regret meeting with her!

-Natasha and Brian J

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