be encouraged. be strong. be positive. be amazing. be you.

We all desire to belong. It's a normal part of our existence, in both a spiritual and natural context. God declared that it is not good for us to be alone, so companionship was designed as a tool that exemplifies the divine connections among us! 


Along with the desire to belong, we want happy, healthy and prosperous lives! We work hard and strive to reach new heights because we recognize that life is so valuable and we want to maximize each moment. While we go after these concepts individually, it's amazing to have a community beside us- people who are there to cheer, motivate, and push us along the way. Sometimes, this type of community can be hard to find... 

But there IS a community waiting to accompany you on your journey! A group of amazing, spirit filled women who love hard, work hard and play even harder! We are excited about joining you on your journey! This community of women will provide you with the connections that you may have been missing, along with benefits that surpass those of tangible, materialistic rewards. Once you are connected to this group, you have access to a close-knit group of women who will be able to experience each emotion and experience that comes into your life. You will be stretched and poured into in a manner that you have never experienced before! 


The Golden Affirmations Community
serves with



COLLABORATION. We create opportunities for multi-disciplinary networking and mentorship that fosters an environment of family and holistic development amongst members. It is VITAL that women are connected to others who can offer encouragement and advice related to life, career and everything in between! 



ABUNDANCE. Our members believe in living life more abundantly! We aim to assist in filling the needs of our members so that no one suffers lack- members have access to opportunity, resource, provision, support and more.



RELATIONSHIP. We pride ourselves in having healthy relationships amongst other sisters, and believe that we have the responsibility to pour back into our community the way we have been poured into. We use our voices and platforms to further incentives that support and heal our community at large.


EDUCATION. We encourage ongoing learning! We offer retreats, workshops, classes, skills training, coaching and so much more! We recognize that we have so many talented, amazing women in our community and we want to offer a platform for women to share their expertise, and to build one another up!

just a few reasons to join our community

Gain Access

to a community of women who can offer guidance, prayer and support to you as you continue to develop holistically (mind, body and spirit)


Monthly workshops to develop you both professionally and personally. These workshops range from self help, healing, career advancement, communication styles and more!

Social Activities 

Monthly social activities- yes, we enjoy having fun together! (cooking classes, spa day, dance/yoga, etc)


Monthly Newsletter- includes resources, highlights the amazing women within our community, life tips, and more.

Discounted Prices

Discounted prices for annual events, featured classes and more! 

Community Projects

Community Service projects


Access to discounts on individual coaching services, and free monthly group coaching!