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Individual Sessions
give clients the opportunity to meet with Ashley, one on one, in a controlled environment to work through their concerns.

Partner Sessions
are ideal for two people who are having relational issues (communication, hurt feelings, grief, etc.) These sessions may work for family, friends or significant others/couples. The idea is that the two people may need assistance from a neutral party while working through their concerns. 

Intuitive Readings
Intuitively focused, Ashley utilizes various tools (tarot cards, dreams, etc) to help clients access deeper spiritual truths and forward moving direction. These readings are held via Zoom, tend to last 45 minutes to an hour, and include action steps that client can follow to continue personal work and healing. 

Dream Interpretations
This is a consultation where Ashley assists clients with interpreting dreams and visions they have had. These calls are held via phone call, and typically last between 20 to 30 minutes. 

Ashley is amazing at warming up a room with excitement, and enjoys entertaining people, both in small group settings and large crowds! She is able to relay complex information in a very applicable, clear manner, and is great at engaging the audience and encouraging dialogue.

Ashley is available to come to your city and speak on a variety of topics, or assist in facilitating your next event, with amazing content and activities for the audience that they will never forget!



The Golden Affirmations Community is comprised of men and women who are seeking like-minded people to journey with as they continue becoming their best selves! 

Many times, as we are healing, we may find ourselves looking around and noticing that the people, places and things that we encounter on a day-to-day basis do not aid us in our healing journey (sometimes, they are actually hindering us), or that we are outgrowing them. This community affords you more balance, so that your new dreams, ambitions and lifestyle can be nurtured in a comfortable setting with like-minded people.

This community challenges its members to improve CONSISTENTLY by participating in monthly challenges, group sessions and more! Our members have the opportunity to practice the implementation of HOLISTIC WELLNESS amongst people who seek to support you on your journey, as they continue to enhance their own.




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