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Meet Ashley


I love to help people work through problems.


My belief is that the only way one can heal is to do intentional work- uprooting old things (mindsets, hurts, behaviors, etc) while planting new ideas that promise a good harvest! I enjoy infusing art (visual, dance, music, writing, and all other art forms) in my practice, and believe that your gifts make room for you to heal! I am all about encouraging you to endure/continue your journey, and I believe that with patience, hard work and faith your dream will not return to you void.

I believe in spiritual wellness; this means that regardless of how you identify (I work with individuals of various spiritual backgrounds), the core of you desires something GREATER! Working with me, I will assist you in tuning in to what your Spirit is calling you to do- this leads to ultimate HEALING and PURPOSE!


We are all imperfect and uniquely designed, and that's what makes us BEAUTIFUL; our differences provide us with the opportunity to teach and learn, building a stronger tolerance for people while still being able to hold on to one's own truth.


After graduating from high school, I decided to study Psychology and Women Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The experience was amazing, and with the support of my mentors I made the decision to further my education by pursuing a Master's Degree in Social Work. I always speak of how happy I am with my academic experience, because I feel that I have "the best of both worlds". Studying human behavior, paired with an emphasis on the impact of one's environment and needs has equipped me with the ability to provide holistic counsel to those struggling with a wide variety of issues in life.


I have provided therapeutic services in many settings: non-profit and for-profit, health care, secondary and higher education, community-based and more. I host workshops and events designed to edify those who attend, and create safe spaces for self-exploration while integrating a new network of support within the community. I am a public speaker who both inspires and motivates people to be their best selves, and I am a mentor who supports the goals and aspirations of those in need of encouragement while pursuing their dreams.

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Fun Facts about Ashley

In my free time, I love all things ART! I enjoy singing, dancing, theater, crafting and photography!


I consider myself an extrovert, although in my recent years I have discovered that the term "Ambivert" fits me much better; I can be the star of the show OR I could easily snuggle up alone on the couch with a messy bun, hair tied/no makeup and reading a book, or catching up on my favorite tv show/Rom-Com!


You won't catch me without lotion or perfume, because I am a fragrance connoisseur;

Good smells = Good vibes! (and bad smells =.... you catch my drift!)

Dog lover, chocolate and wine are DIVINE, smiles and compliments are FREE yet PRICELESS

(think about it)

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