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I am glad that you decided to stop by! This is a HEALING space, a  FREEDOM space, and we are excited to have you! ​May you find everything you are looking for and more!


Helping people has always been one of my passions; I knew I wanted to be a counselor when I found myself, at an early age, analyzing and assessing human behavior. I always wanted to know the "why"; what makes someone "tick", why are people defensive, why do people shut down, why do people lie, why are we guarded and so much more.


I found it fascinating that there are universal "truths", but that each person also has a unique experience that can change their outlook on life... 

Individual and Partner Sessions

Public Speaking & Group Facilitation

Spiritual Readings

Edify (course coming soon...)

Happy Couple

I cannot say enough about Ashley! No matter where we meet at, she makes it instantly warm and inviting. Opening up is hard, but she makes talking to someone effortless. She is present in every moment, and prides herself on being authentic — not only to herself but to others. 


Best of all, Ashley works with her clients to provide them with the tools necessary to deal with their problems, so that they’re better prepared to tackle them in the future. Although I know I still have a ways to go, I feel so much happier, calmer and more confident. As Ashley says “I glow!”

- Belinda D.


Golden Affirmations

Join our community of women who can offer guidance, prayer and support for you as you continue to develop holistically (mind, body, spirit).