While I am a therapeutic coach and I enjoy pouring into the lives of many, I find it equally important to share with the world the various hats that I wear. I am what I call a "Jill of all trades", meaning I do many different things: I am a speaker, counselor, artist, dancer, photographer and so much more!


This page is dedicated to expressing the depths of my various gifts, and sharing them with the world!

Here, you will find inspiration in every form- videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, weekly challenges and affirmations... whatever you need to feel ENCOURAGED and on your way to becoming YOUR BEST SELF! 


S1E1 Name Your Why.mp3Ashley Affirms
00:00 / 15:36
S1E2 Obedience is Better than SacrificeAshley Affirms
00:00 / 27:32
S1E3 FearAshley Affirms
00:00 / 25:52
S1E4 Discomfort and Transitions_FINAL.mpAshley Affirms
00:00 / 33:51
S1E5 The Importance of Showing Up.mp3Ashley Affirms
00:00 / 11:08
S1E6 Selfishness vs Self Preservation_FIArtist Name
00:00 / 26:45

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